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Here we give pigeon fanciers all over the world insight into the medical program developed by Drs. van der Sluis Pharma.

Drs. Hans van der Sluis has been a pigeon fancier for over 50 years. A great deal of this time he spend taking care of his pigeons to achieve great results in especially the 2-day races. His achievements include 5th place at the International Barcelona and he was many times among the winners of the National Long Distance Races.

After concluding his studies he spend most of the time on medical treatment in racing pigeons and the development of pigeon medicines. He has created a product range of medicines for pigeons and he has a clinic specialized in racingpigeons were many fanciers from the Netherlands and other countries get advice. In addition he does bacteriological and parasitological tests and prescribes medicines and conditioners.

After Dr J.W.E. Stam (together they wrote a Dutch standard book about pigeons diseases) he became veterinary adviser for the Dutch Pigeon Organization (NPO) and the personal veterinarian for the Eijerkamp lofts.